Wybrane Projekty

Na tej stronie znajdują się informacje o wybranych projektach zrealizowanych lub współrealizowanych przeze mnie w ciągu prawie 30 lat mojej działalności zawodowej.

AssecoOne of the biggest IT companies in Poland, operating in international market.
Consultancy and workshops on values management and organizational culture.
Bank Zachodni
One of the biggest bank in Poland.
Marketing and market analysis. Product research, among others VISA card.
Benefit SystemsCompany dealing with loyalty programs for employees.
Development workshops for sales teams and customer service teams.
BNI PolskaInternational networking organization for entrepreneurs.
Consultancy in the image of the organization.
Candellux LightingProducer of lamps and lighting.
Project of development of marketing and sales together with employee skills workshops.
CefarmNationwide network of pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland.
Workshop in development of competence for the sales and service personnel.
Centrum Prawa Bankowego i InformacjiCompany acting for the Polish Banks Association, publishing and organizing events.
Preparation and supervision of the program of the conference „Social Media in Banking” and „Opportunities and challenges of Polish business”.
Centrum Medycyny SportowejOne of the important health centers dealing with the medical and rehabilitation of athletes.
Advising for managers and project in the field of public relations and rebranding.
Columbus ITIT company, one of the biggest world Microsoft partners, implementing ERP systems Dynamics (Axapta, Navision).
Management of marketing field. Consultancy on implementation of ERP / CRM / BI solutions.
DioraFirst Polish factory producing radio receivers after II World War and HiFi equipment.
Advising in business restructuring and marketing for the new international markets.
Eficom-SinersioCapital Group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, dealing with financial consulting and operating in the field of cloud computing.
Advising in the business development and image of the company. Realization of public relations projects.
EuroCloud PolandEuropean non-profit organization for companies from the cloud-computing sector.
Support activities and implementation of public affairs and public relations projects and organizing of international conferences.
FiegeAn international group, one of the largest logistic operators in Europe.
Project for development of managerial competences. Workshops, training, coaching in leadership and communication.
(Bytom Group)
Men’s fashion manufacturer belonging to the group Bytom on the clothing sector in Poland.
Market and business potential analysis, project of rebranding and development of sales network.
InPostPrivate logistic operator providing comprehensive services for the e-commerce market.
Public relations project for new delivery services on the Polish market.
Konfederacja LewiatanAn influential Polish business organization representing the interests of employers in Poland and the European Union.
Consulting and marketing-business workshops for communication and sales departments.
OrganikaManufacturer of household, automotive and industrial chemicals in Poland and abroad.
Analysis of business problems and management of the marketing process of delivery and implementation of the ERP system.
Suzuki PolandPolish branch of the Japanese manufacturer of passenger cars, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, quads and outboard engines.
Business consulting for ERP system implementation. Conducting a contract.
T-Mobile (Era)The second mobile and internet operator in Poland (earlier Era).
Business consulting and supervision of the queue system project.
Unit4Polish manufacturer of ERP and HR systems (earlier Teta).
Projects and implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns. Development and implementation of the CRM system in the organization.
Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów OpatrunkowychManufacturer of dressing materials for health care and hygiene products.
Analysis of business problems and management of the marketing process of delivery and implementation of the ERP system.
TrimtabVendor of IT solutions for the outsourcing market of sales and customer services.
Development of strategy for business consulting department.