Engineering of Change – Development Trainings

The trainings are conducted for managers and professionals who want to improve their skills and competencies.
Below are examples of trainings that can be organized for each organization.

  • Crisis prevention and management – it is better to prevent than cure – waiting for unexpected problems.
  • Public image and behaviour – personal and company relationship with the environment.
  • Public speaking – rules and training of appearances and presentations – individual training.
  • The art of presentation – how to talk to others not only to listen but to understand what you want to convey.
  • Public relations – not straight rules of simple communication and its application in the company’s activities.
  • Partnership in business – the road to an agreement (workshop building relationships and negotiations).
  • Interpersonal and in-team communication – talk like a human with a human.
  • The values and organizational culture – internal coherence of the organization as the foundation of motivation.
  • CSR – sustainable business development – building strategic value.

Each training is prepared to respond to the specific problems that a given team or person is encountering in their work.

If you want more information about the trainings and talk about your needs, please contact me.