The main specialty is creation and implementation of business, marketing and PR strategies, organizational development and engineering innovations.

Business, marketing and PR strategies and operational actions are carried out at the organizational perspective, based also on the philosophy of sustainable and responsible business development, as welle as supports companies in the commercialization of innovative technical solutions as well as expansion on the Polish market and abroad.

The most important is respect and trust – so in co-operation with customers and as in the project team and strive for common goals, friendly atmosphere and mutual loyalty.

Larger projects I lead with an interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists from various fields of technology, organizationa, business and marketing. Such the flexible team structure ensures the highest level of services and their implementation based on the best knowledge and practice.

Activity includes business, marketing and PR consulting, audits, strategy design of technical innovations implementation as well as workshops and training.


Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Consulting

Crisis situations are an integral part of business. Crisis carry out a huge risk that to loss of reputation and trust of customers and partners and thus serious business problems for the company. The media can also exaggerate the problems and create from it a serious catastrophe.
Services are compound from develop plans and procedures to prepare to the crisis and prevent of its consequences, consulting and training, and comprehensive communication service in the crisis.


Marketing Strategy and Public Relations Projects

Marketing and PR strategies are base for builds a good image. Implementation of marketing and PR communication shapes relationships with the environment and also helps to understand the real expectations of clients and business partners.
Full range of marketing and advising services supports business in strategy building and effective brand communication and helps in business and social activities. PR support includes activities relations with the media, public administration and non-governmental organizations.


Organization Innovations Development Support

A well-functioning organization is the most important component of brand building. Properly formed organizational culture based on a uniform system of ethical values and above all excellent internal communication are the foundation of the company’s success.
Services help to change organizational and communication processes, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business goals taking into account the principles of sustainability and responsibility.


Engineering Innovations Development Support

Technical and technological innovation are the basis for economic development. The challenge is to run projects that lead to innovations but even more to commercialization through which the company can achieve business success.
Support for the development of technical innovations includes consulting on project management and organizational and business processes as well as the help in collaborate with industry in the area of commercialization of innovative ideas.


Support for the Sustainability and Responsibility Innovations

CSR (Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility) is a business response to the needs of the modern world.
CSR is a key element of companies that want to grow in a sustainable way by putting themselves as a target for social mission and environmental protection and not just making money.
Support is in undertaking and implementing CSR-based actions and building a positive image of their brand in the marketplace thereby increasing the value of business.


Engineering of Change – Development Trainings

More information on the site Trainings.

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