European Rover Challenge

One of the most significant projects implemented as part of my involvement in the European Space Foundation is co-organization of the European Rover Challenge – one of the biggest international space and robotics event in the world (

ERC gathers not only specialists in planetary or moon robotics and Mars rovers designers but also representatives of science and business, the new-tech sector and the general public interested in the development of science and new technologies.

European Rover Challenge 2018

In the last edition ERC 2018, 65 academic teams applied for the competition. 35 teams from 20 countries around the world participated in the finals during a 3-day competition.

ERC2018 Final Group photo

The competition is a challenge for young engineers, teaching them teamwork, solving complex technical problems in an interdisciplinary project, which is the construction of a Mars rover. The rules are based on NASA and ESA road maps.

International special guest on ERC 2018 are:

ERC2018 Special Guests
  • Timothy Peake – ESA Astronauts
  • Robert Zubrin – President of the Mars Society
  • Maria Antonietta Perino – Head of Advanced Exploration Programs of Thales Alenia Space
  • Willibald Stumptner – Direktor of Österreichisches Weltraum Forum
  • Artemis Westenberg – President of Explore Mars
  • Gianfranco Visentin – Head of Automation and Robotics Section of ESA
  • Gerald Steinbauer – Professor of Gratz University of Technology
  • Valerio Moro – Head Of Department AOCS/GNC & Flight Dynamics at Airbus Defence and Space
Most of the photos are made by Alicja and Karol Żebruń.