About me

Matt MacIvan 0 O600‘Matt’ Maciej Iwankiewicz

Professionally, I am synergy of two disciplines – mechanical engineering and marketing management.

My own activity under the brand MacIvan Ind. I lead from 2003.

I am experienced innovations engineer and business strategist, marketing and public affairs adviser, trainer, speaker and writer, creator of business sustainability and responsibility.

Professionally I am interested in space, robotics, automotive, sail and marine technologies. I lead interdisciplinary advanced projects for the preparation and implementation of innovative technological solutions. I also advise management boards in creating and adapting business, marketing and communication strategies. I help to growth the performance of teams efficiency and shape organizational cultures (Services).

I conduct workshops on marketing and PR, CSR, public speaking and negotiation (Workshops). I also support managers in negotiation and mediation. I have experience in organization of international events and conferences, publishing on the Internet and recognized business, marketing and HR press (Selected Publications). At my work I use a knowledge in the field of psychology, human behaviour, emotions and body language and the development of personal and social relationships.

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I am Associated Partner at Planet Partners (www.planetpartners.pl), a consulting company specialising in strategic and communication advisory and crisis management, operating in the international network of the communication agencies GlobalCOM PR – Network, with network of branch offices in 60 different countries and more than 1400 of experienced consultants.


I am volunteer as the Board Member of European Space Foundation (www.spacefdn.com). I lead activities dedicated to space and robotics technologies, artificial intelligence and virtual reality in their applications of exploration and exploitation of extreme environments as well events where are presented innovative solutions for exploration space, especially planets and its moons (www.roverchallenge.eu). I am responsible for the own new project idea dedicated to the development of innovative robotics and satellite technologies for exploration of the maritime and oceans underwater.

I am graduated from the University of Technology in Wroclaw (1991) in the field of machinery and vehicles, and postgraduates studies of marketing at the University of Economics in Wroclaw (1993). I also ended a lot of professional training in psychology, business, organization management, sales and negotiations.

For over 25 years as a specialist and manager I worked mainly for consulting, information and innovative technologies companies. I have ran and participated in many projects of technological innovations and organization development, markets analysis and marketing strategies, marketing campaigns and commercialization and implementation of innovative technologies.

I have experience in the position of Member and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of capital group listed on the New Connect WSE (2013-2015) where I supported the creation of the company’s strategy and the development of product and services.

I cooperate with several organizations engaged in activities related to the exchange of knowledge and experience in projects for managers of companies. With the publishing house and association of managers Business Dialog (www.businessdialog.pl) I have co-organized a series of meetings on topics social and business ideas (2012-2016). I was active as a member of the Chapter of the Marketing Strategists Club (2012-2015), and was a Member of Expert Council of Center of Dialogue and Analysis Thinktank (2012-2013), and an adviser of international Association EuroCloud Poland (2013-2014), for which I have carried out activities in the field of public affairs and lobbying. I also have conducted workshops on communication, presentation, PR and CSR for Marketing Communication Academy (2012-2014). As a volunteer I have advised the beneficiaries of the foundation Ashoka.

Privately I am interested in films and literature of history, fact, science-fiction and visions of the future, theater and music. I actively practice sailing and swimming, runs and mountains hiking. I play guitar and performs poetic songs and shanties. I have the Samoyed dog.

My Favorite Quotes

  • A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. (English proverb)
  • It is the set of sails, not the direction of the wind, that determine which way we will go. (Jim Rohn)
  • Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk. (Sir Francis Chichester)
  • Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to be become a man of value. (Albert Einstein)
  • If you think good employee is expensive try bad employee. (Chinese proverb)
  • Helping isn’t lost time. (Chinese proverb)